Sponsoring Process
When prospecting someone for your business, use the following videos to introduce Arbonne.

First - One-Minute Dream Builders
Send this one-minute video to generate initial interest. Upon follow up, ASK: What hit home with you from the video? Could I send you a two minute video that explains the business opportunity?

Second - Two-Minute Arbonne Opportunity
After they have watched the video ASK: What resonated with you from that video? Would you like to see a 6 Min. Video that explains a little more?

Third - Six-Minute Arbonne Opportunity Video
After they have watched the video ASK: Would you like to meet for coffee to learn more about this opportunity?


At all times have sponsoring information packets made up and with you to
distribute. This includes the Is Arbonne for You and an Eye on Arbonne Story.


Using the "Ladder of Escalation" to sponsor a business builder.

1st Exposure
- Initial introduction to Arbonne at a party, appointment, over the phone,  facebook or “out and about”.  Give or mail them an Opportunity Pack and then schedule a coffee appointment. (work to make that with them within 24-48 hours)
2nd Exposure - meet with them in person over coffee to get to know them and go over their questions about the business and see if this would be a fit for them.  If they need more time, email them a few EOA’s that they can relate to plus an article from Kyisoki or Pilzner (listed below).  You could also give them the Arbonne Opportunity CD or email them the link.
3rd Exposure - Take them to a local Discover Arbonne or find one in their area that they can attend. Schedule a time the following day that you can find out their thoughts on the meetings.
4th Exposure - Schedule a time with your sponsor or upline for 3rd party validation call.
When introducing the business to a potential prospect this involves a process of multiple exposures. Once they make the deision to launch their business you will plug them into our Six for Success Getting Started System.

"I have not meet a single person in this business,
that did not work off of a TANGIBLE PROSPECT LIST"

- John Kalench in Being the Best you can be in MLM

Support Documents
Opportunity call for Men New!
Opportunity call for Medical Professionals New!
- Opportunity call for Moms New!
Opportunity call for Professionals New!
- Opportunity call for Teachers New!
Recorded Opportunity Calls
- Coffee Shop Discover Arbonne Invite
- Sponsoring Pack
- Arbonne Brochure
- Is Arbonne For You?
- Drip Form
- 3 Way Call Guideline
- How We Make Money
- Average Monthly Income
- Compensation Plan Visual 
- Eyes on Arbonne - Jessie Kretzer
- New Millionaries ~ Pilzner
- Education to take to Bank ~ Brooks
- Four Year Career ~ Brooks
- Trump Kiyosaki