Getting Started
Your sponsor will conduct your first presentations for training.

This s a BASIC Short Presentation that can be used to introduce prospects to the Company and Products.The Script is NOT to be used word for word but is a "training document".  It is best to read it 5-10 times and then make some basic cue cards to speak from. This is a great presentation to use as a guide so be TO THE POINT, and then listen and quality your prospect, in terms of their product or business interest.

Donna Johnson's Core Presentation Training
Part 1 of 3, Prep for Core Presentation
Part 2 of 3, Prep for Core Presentation
Part 3 of 3, Prep for Core Presentation
Core Presentation

Presentation Flash Cards
Core presentation (This is the first basic presentation)

Ultimate Facial

The Spa Party Presentation Powerpoint
This is a power point, one generation back, great script to read as an orientation, and use in parts but we have gone to shorter presentations. Follow your sponsors coaching.

Arbonne Essentials Wellness Presentation
See the Healthy Living tab for presentation and resources.


What to Take to a Presentation
- Presentation Flash Cards
- Demo Products as Noted in Presentation
- Retail Order Forms
- Catalogs
- Pens
- Calculator
- Client Care Form
- Laminated Documents
- Small Mirrors for Table
- Wash Clothes (have hostess make damp and put on a microwaveable
plate or in a crockpot on low) or disposible EZ towels (can be ordered at
- Opportunity Packs
- 3 Ways to Benefit
- 3 Ways to Benefit Host Rewards $125 for $25
3 Ways to Benefit Generic Host Rewards


Optional Support Documents

- Facial Instruction Cheat Sheet New!
- Healthy Living Plan
- Left Right Game
- Skin Care Quiz